Hello from the waves

Ola! from off the coast of Malta. It costs US$0.50 per minute to use the Internet, so here is a very quick one:
Barcelona was bustling. We stayed along La Rambla which is probably the most happening street in the city, with buskers everywhere. Spanish jamon (ham) is great, if a bit salty. Actually a lot of their food tends to be salty.
Fortunately we found ourselves a good restaurant in Rome two days ago and the food was, as can be expected, excellent. However, the gypsies are very crafty now, they use disguises. We were initially lost in Rome and a group of what looked like a family of Spanish tourists came up and were very friendly with us, which in itself was unusual because most of the time they keep to themselves as they can’t speak English and we can’t speak Spanish. As they tried to show us the directions, the man in the family groped my grandfather’s pockets. We immediately pushed them off and walked away, while they tried to keep talking to us like they were helping us.
Anyway we saw the Vatican city in searing heat of possibly around 43 degrees Celcius. Before Rome, we were in Nice (France) and yesterday we were in Naples. After Malta we head to Palma, then back to Barcelona and for me, back to reality. That is all for now… money talks, fingers walk!
Oh, and as mentioned previously, I will Twitter when something interesting happens. So go there instead.


  1. shins

    We miss you dearly and we are soo jealous that you are having such fun!!
    Anyways, Sooi Mee and I are keen to do lunch with you when you get back. As Sooi Mee puts it “We are waiting patiently for you, my dear.”

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