The ‘Switch’ Log (Day 3)

I’m grumpy. Despite advice from my readers, I can’t seem to get that danged HP driver to work. It just doesn’t recognise the driver.
I wanted to import some Firefox bookmarks from my PC. However when I hooked my old computer back up again to the power line and home network, the mouse device couldn’t work. In fact, anything to do with USB, didn’t work, including my card reader. Everything that used to work, 1.5 days ago, couldn’t work anymore. I didn’t uninstall any drivers. I tried to re-install them anyway and was told they were already there.
So I had to open files, FTP, deactivate Macromedia Studio MX, back up my Outlook mail, all using a keyboard. I will forever proclaim the glories of the Tab button, and condemn all programs that do not use the hallowed Tab, to the deepest pits of Infernal Fire.
Another gripe (generally, not for OS X in particular) is the difficulty of importing and exporting Contacts, Mail and other information from one mail program to another. Why do people make it so difficult? Why are certain programs excluded from the import list? Why does it seem so difficult to import or export anything in Thunderbird? Why can’t my Mac Address Book sync up properly with every mail program?
Also, Studio MX refused to let me activate my product on the G5. I assume the server hasn’t been fully updated yet. I will try again tomorrow.
Bah. I go to bed tired and grumpy.