Social media happenings in Singapore

###New foreign talent!###
The Agonist’s main protagonist (sorry, couldn’t resist the pun), founding editor Sean Paul Kelley, will be [relocating to Singapore]( for a few months as of 1 July. His readers have interesting comments on democracy in Singapore. May the Singapore blogosphere give him a warm welcome.
###Spread Firefox day###
This Tuesday, let’s help [break the record]( for the most number of times Firefox’s been downloaded. It really is a great browser that embraces the social media spirit by being highly extensible and customisable. And it kicks IE’s ass.
As of this time of writing, 5,937 users in Singapore have [pledged]( to help this noble cause. Not too bad in terms of population size and land mass, considering Malaysia’s got 7,747 and Indonesia, just 5,800. FTW!


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