Comeback kings, once again

I have a confession to make.
For the last 1-2 months, my parents and I have been drinking Gunners at various clubs and pubs around town. We do that on the night of an Arsenal match, before the game takes place.
I can proudly say that after downing 3 gunners, on almost every occasion Arsenal have won with three goals (be it 3-0 or 3-1). That includes the recent match where we beat Tottering Hotspur 3-1.
However, after that miraculous run of form, our momentum was broken by drinking gunners while watching the Singapore-Thailand match. While Singapore won, Arsenal drew 1-1 away at Middlesborough. Ever since then, our cocktail combination has become a bit less ‘molotov’ against our opponents. However, as long as Arsenal keep on winning, I’m happy.
And we’ll continue drinking to the Gunners!
Now for a bit of match analysis of the Arsenal-Wigan match before I go to sleep. I missed most of the first half as I was too engrossed tweaking the code on this blog (hover above my yellow masthead to see what I did to improve accessibility). However, the BBC blow-by-blow account indicated that the match was not going swimmingly well for Arsenal despite their superior possession. Walcott sadly did not seem to be making the impact he used to make. He and Hoyte, the two Englishmen (is Arsene Wenger preparing himself for a change in the regulations?) were replaced by Frenchmen Flamini and the ever-improving Aliadiere (whom I think is quite cute, actually). Walcott looked pretty disappointed when he walked off the pitch. But things moved along after that.
Finally, the equaliser and winners were scored – in the last 10 minutes, what else. It’s almost as though Arsenal have a built-in alarm clock. I’m pleased that the edgy Rosicky finally scored his first Premiership goal. We all know how hard he’s been trying to do that.
And did we actually have 4 strikers playing at the same time? Henry, Adebayor, Baptista and Aliadiere… at the rate things were going, Wenger might even have thrown in Van Persie if he hadn’t injured himself in a wild post-goal celebration. Speaking of which, Rosicky got booked for his own first goal celebration – what a shame. Goalkeeper Lehmann was booked for time-wasting after the 2 Arsenal goals were scored, whereas his Wigan counterpart was not, earlier on in the match. I feel no player should be indulging in time-wasting, even if they think they’re winning. Man U tried doing that with Arsenal when they were 0-1 up, and then Arsenal scored 2. Deja vu with Wigan today, eh?
Overall, it was not a pretty game, with too many fouls and bookings especially from the Arsenal side. I’m not feeling very high about this match, but at least we won.
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  1. vantan

    Strangeknight – Yep, since I was young my parents have preferred me to drink together with them – rather than forbid me to take alcohol, which could have made me drink in secret with undesirable company.
    Evixfel – Aiyah, in Second Life we just BUILD some babies lah… 😛

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