Man United 2, Arsenal 0

Arsenal’s unbeaten run has been broken by arch-nemesis Manchester United. Can’t say I’m too pleased with that, although it had to come sooner or later, and quite frankly Arsenal weren’t playing up to par.
I cannot imagine that their goalkeeper, Jens Lehmann, thinks he can actually replace Oliver Kahn in the German national team. He doesn’t deserve it and that is an understatement. Of course where penalties are concerned, it’s a guessing game, and once he leaped the wrong way, he was committed.
It was a rough match, more of a scuffle than free-flowing football which Arsenal are used to. There were some tackles on Reyes that were brutal and unpunished. But ultimately what was dreadful was Sol Campbell’s tripping of Wayne Rooney in the penalty box. Subsequent tacklings by Arsenal were mostly clumsy and late, no thanks to the rain.
And as for the second goal, which was a brilliant 1-2 between the young hopes of England – Alan Smith and Wayne Rooney – Arsenal were defenceless. The defence was practically nonexistent – chasing behind the Man United attack. Perhaps Sol was still smarting over his blunder and wanted to play safe. Well, he can smart some more, since he needs more of that.
The Manchester United defence, however, was immaculate (and this is coming from an Arsenal supporter). Rio Ferdinand was good as usual. He is still much better than any of the other England defenders. Once Thierry Henry and other attacking players like Reyes and Bergkamp were shackled, it was only a matter of time before the superior Manchester United passing resulted in a goal. Sure, Arsenal had some good runs too – with shots on goal, above the goal… and too many passes that ended up nowhere.
In the end Arsenal were up against van Nistel-Roon-aldo. The only good thing is, they still have a good lead in the Premiership. The bad thing is, do you remember the last time Arsenal lost to Rooney’s old team, Everton? Arsenal eventually lost the title that season, too.
May the best team win the title this year – whoever it may be.