Italy wins; lessons learnt

I was sad that France lost. In fact I thought Italy would have a better chance of winning the World Cup, so I didn’t bother staying up to watch the finals.
It is a shame that the world is now fixated on Zinedine Zidane’s head-butt when we should be looking at his entire career. What’s so bad about being second best, when you’re second best in the world? A lot of people would be happier if they saw things this way. They can’t change the past now, so why look back and fret.
Another lesson we can learn from the World Cup is never to react physically to verbal taunts. Wayne Rooney, well known for his outbursts, reacted predictably to Cristiano Ronaldo but who would have expected someone of the maturity and calibre of Zidane to react – even more violently? And in a World Cup finals where much depended on his playmaking ability.
[sggooner notes that Materazzi might have pinched Zidane’s nipple. What a tit! I mean, twat! View the video.]
This was not the best World Cup I’ve watched. I preferred 2002. This World Cup also marks the end of a dynastic era. Many old talents will retire, making way for a new generation. Will there be even more play-acting and red cards? We’ll have a sneak preview in the yearly Champions League and Euro 2008.


  1. airhole

    it just means that you are the biggest loser… EVAR… hahaha

  2. PC

    You should have watched the match. It was an exciting match, with 2 excellent teams. Like you, I supported the French and I honestly thought they played better. But well, it’s not always the case that the better team wins. It’s not the best consolation but I hope the French take comfort in the knowledge that many (and not just yours sincerely) thought they had played better…

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