More footie thoughts

Congratulations to John Terry, I do not doubt he deserves the PFA Award.
A few hours from now, we’ll see if Chelsea win the title, or win it a bit later. Sounds like a win-win situation doesn’t it.
I’m listening to the American newsreader on CNN and he pronounces it as “pree-MEER-ship” which sounds weird because I’m used to hearing the more British “PREH-meer-ship”. Then again, many Singaporeans don’t know how to say my name properly (“Ver-NEE-Sah” seems to be the most common), so what am I grumbling about.
I was awfully disappointed that Newcastle didn’t maintain their lead against Manchester United, but at least Graeme Souness can rest assured that when his men start behaving like boys, at least he can replace them with boys who behave like men.