Printing with style

I was applying for a CDP account online, and was asked to fill in my details. Finally, I had to print a summary page, sign it and mail it to them.

However, these were the instructions:

  1. Select “File”, click on “Page Setup”
  2. Select Page Size as “A4”
  3. Adjust the margins for header and footer to 0.2 inches
  4. Remove the headings for header and footer
  5. Click Ok to save

And I wondered: can’t a print stylesheet resolve most of those problems?

You could set the margin-top and margin-bottom to 0.2 inches (and adjust the padding too).

You could specify a class or ID for headers and footers, and display:none when printed.

Not sure if we can set page size using current CSS techniques. But a print stylesheet would definitely make things easier for users.


  1. LiOnDoM

    Very much agree. If user removed the header and footer, I bet 99.9% don’t know how to put them back.
    Btw, will CSS for print media work if header and footer need to be set when there’s multiple page when printed?

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