CSS support in email programs

I’ve always wondered to what extent the different email programs support CSS. Well, here’s the answer. Thanks to Jim Barraud (aka van6ogh) who posted this most useful link in Ma.gnolia.
The article’s pretty thorough – they even covered Lotus Notes! To quote,

You can have a field day as long as you’re not sending to Notes. It offers dismal property support that includes only very basic text manipulation.

Now I feel vindicated. It’s heart-wrenching when my CSS-only layouts get totally wrecked after importing a HTML file into Notes. However, it works better when the styles are embedded in the same document, not linked as a separate CSS file.
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  1. jimmy

    When we design eDMs, we usually end up using “bare” HTML, without CSS, JS and all that jazz.
    Hotmail used to be a pain, and dont even talk about Notes. We gave up designing for Notes long ago and just used a “If you can’t see this, click here” link.

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