50 things to eat before you die

The BBC has compiled a list of ’50 things to eat before you die’. How many have you eaten? I scored 41/50.
Funny how some dishes are named specifically, but others are lumped together like Thai, Chinese, Greek and Mexican food.
What else should have been included on this list? I’m thinking escargot and buah keluak (a black nut often cooked with curry/meat). I tried the latter at Soul Kitchen where the paste was placed in a bowl. I wanted it all to myself, but had to be polite.
There are other things we will probably eat before we die, such as:

  1. Our words. We’ll say something we didn’t mean, or get proven wrong. It happens when we can’t bite our tongues in time.
  2. Our hats. Even worse than just eating words, because we’d usually say “I’ll eat my hat if you ever succeed in blah blah [add negative comment here].” It’s a serious undertaking 😉
  3. Humble pie. A culmination of the above.
  4. Air. You may find that strange but we call it ‘jiak hong’ in the Hokkien dialect, and it means taking a vacation.


  1. dimsumdolly

    I scored 41/50 too! But yah, actually i think those lumped together are too broad a category.

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