Site tweaks

Pah. I tried re-installing Brandon Fuller’s MTValidator plugin and kept on wondering why it no longer worked on my site. It would say my pages were invalid when most of them were in fact, valid.
Then I looked at the requirements list and discovered that I had an older version of Perl. Not assuming that’s the only problem but I find it strange that it used to work a couple years ago and now it doesn’t.
Anyway, I managed to successfully install Formatlist, a MT plugin that adds bullet and number formatting. Let’s see how it works and if it produces valid code:

  1. Testing line one
  2. Testing line two
  3. Testing line three

Wow! it works. I typed three lines of code, selected them all, then hit the button and it immediately encased each line with the necessary tags. Nifty. (Seal of approval)
Next, I installed SmartyPants. Can you ‘see’ the difference in my quotation marks?
Glad to see that Gmail has finally added a ‘Delete’ button next to the ‘Report spam’ button. I tend to delete as many mails (if not more) than mark them as spam, and that dropdown menu wasn’t very convenient. I also like the ‘View as HTML’ feature which saves me from downloading documents I only want to preview.
Which leads to my theory that this is only a precursor of more things to come, seeing how Google has acquired Writely. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could not only preview a Word document as HTML, but also make amendments and email it back?
I’m now looking at some old attempts at redesigning this site, and laughing at most of them.


  1. Joshua

    Do you use Textile with SmartyPants? If you don’t, you should 🙂 It takes a lot of the hassle out of making lists as well. You don’t really even have to click to make them.

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