Looking back at my 2008

2009’s come so quickly that I haven’t even written anything retrospective, or come up with resolutions. But here are highlights / what I liked about 2008:
**January 2008**
– [Gave a farewell speech to my ex-boss.](http://vantan.org/archives/2008/01/farewell_speech.php)
– [Met Dick Lee!](http://vantan.org/archives/2008/01/beauty_world_th.php)
– [Went to southern China](http://vantan.org/archives/2008/01/day_1_guangzhou.php) to visit the homes of my dad’s and mum’s ancestors
**February 2008**
– Got into INSEAD – and heard the good news on my mum’s birthday.
– [Meeting the Undercover Economist](http://vantan.org/archives/2008/02/the_undercover.php), Tim Harford, in person
**March 2008**
– [Went to the US](http://vantan.org/archives/2008/03/reflections_on.php): Returned to Austin, Texas for one last SXSW, staying with [Kristen](http://krisalis.org/weblog/) and Mark and meeting little Alexander!
– Bought my MacBook Pro in Austin, after my Dell laptop gets wasted by ‘free public wifi’
– [Getting my first iPhone](http://vantan.org/archives/2008/03/i_got_the_iphon.php) while in Los Angeles, [visiting my relatives](http://vantan.org/archives/2008/03/day_1_la_and_oc.php)
– [Spoke at the Startup Singapore panel](http://vantan.org/archives/2008/03/web_20_emerging.php)
**April 2008**
– [Visited the new Peranakan Museum](http://vantan.org/archives/2008/04/peranakan_museu.php)
**May 2008**
– Spoke at the Ogilvy Verge Summit in Singapore](http://vantan.org/archives/2008/05/ogilvy_verge.php)
– [Started the INSEAD blog](http://vantan.org/archives/2008/05/announcing_my_i.php)
– [Got quoted in the Straits Times](http://vantan.org/archives/2008/05/straits_times_f.php) on Government videos on YouTube
**June 2008**
– [Visited Berlin for HP’s massive launch event](http://vantan.org/archives/2008/06/ich_bin_ein_ber.php), and had a great time
**July 2008**
– [Went to London](http://vantan.org/archives/2008/07/london_day_1.php)
**August 2008**
– [Attended Sony’s new Vaio launch](http://vantan.org/archives/2008/08/sony_vaio_launc.php)
– Attended Business Foundations at INSEAD and survived the orientation week
**September – December 2008**
– School, school and more school
– [Lured my female INSEAD classmates to attend Stepout at Geek Terminal](http://vantan.org/archives/2008/09/ladies_stepout.php)
– [Upgraded to iPhone 3G](http://vantan.org/archives/2008/09/my_iphone_3g.php)
– [Wrote the post ‘Feedback to PR teams’](http://vantan.org/archives/2008/09/feedback_to_pr.php), which started the ball rolling
– [Attended the Lexus Cup and met golfer babe Natalie Gulbis](http://vantan.org/archives/2008/11/lexus_cup_2008_1.php)
– Celebrated with classmates as Obama won
– Took a cruise to Penang
– Went to [Dalat](http://vantan.org/archives/2008/12/dalat_day_1.php) and Ho Chi Minh