Approached by a stranger on ICQ

This happened about half an hour ago. It’s weird but funny at the same time. Numbers and names have been obscured to protect the guilty party, whoever he/she/it may be.
271734XXX: hello!
vantan: who’s that? [At this point, I thought it was an old friend, but on checking this person’s info, couldn’t find any nickname]
271734XXX: me!
vantan: that’s so useful to know.
271734XXX: ale***
271734XXX: yours?
vantan: i don’t know you! bye bye.
271734XXX: i know
you dont want to know me?
At which point I blocked the fella.
And continued my own inane chatter with Messrs Ramblinglibrarian and Tribolum. (ironic? 🙂


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