What’s been going through my mind the past couple of months, and especially so, now.
Temptor (in my mind): Go on, get it.
Me: I can’t. It’s too expensive.
Temptor: It’s OK. Your travel expenses are now covered. So you can use your own savings to buy a shiny new laptop!
Me: But it’s still too expensive. I already have a PowerMac at home.
Temptor: But it’s not portable. Wouldn’t it be cool to sit there in your hotel/conference hall, surfing wirelessly on a MacBook Pro? It’ll be such a conversation piece!
Me: (thinking, yeah right, not in SXSW … Apple notebooks are probably almost as common as iPod Nanos and other thingamageeks).
Temptor: Imagine, you can give daily updates on your blog about SXSW and make your readers think you’re really cool.
Me: Yeah, like they read my blog every day. And like it’s worth spending over S$3K for several days of ‘cool’.
Temptor: But I know you’ve always wanted a laptop in your own room – just like in the good ol’ Uni days when you discovered the Internet. Why, you got your first job based on what you learnt on your laptop!
Me: (fights off fond memories of old, now deceased, laptop) No! I can still surf the net on the family iMac! And my PowerMac! I … don’t need a MacBook Pro now… maybe next year when everything stabilises …
Temptor: You’ll regret waiting. It’s now or never.
Me: I’ll … upgrade my O2 mini so I can do wireless surfing!
Temptor: Ha! On that tiny little screen?
Me: Er, I’ll buy a Bluetooth keyboard so I can type on it too! Then it’ll be like a mini laptop for only a few hundred bucks!
Temptor: Waste of money! You know your O2 mini’s Bluetooth can’t even connect to a single DAMN device. The Sim Lim salesman was just tempting you… it won’t work. You need a shiiiiiny newwwww laaaptoppp!!!
Me: (covers ears) Not listening! Not listening!
< < FOCUS, Vanessa. You have to book a hotel in Austin. Stop looking at the Apple website! >>


  1. Ivan Chew

    ROTFL! I know exactly what you mean!!! I should post the IM chat I just had with Lucian, but then it will totally destroy my image of this cool librarian (er, as if I was cool in the first place). Loved your post. But no, rationality will rule for you, I think.

  2. Jasmeet

    That would be pretty darn impressive if you could actually score a MacBook Pro in time for SXSW, especially considering Asia doesn’t really get new Mac Goodies for a while =(

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