Vietnam – Day 1

We had a pleasant two-hour flight into HCM City (aka Saigon). The ride into town was quite an experience. In Saigon, there’s a gentle sort of organised chaos on the roads, where motorcyclists, cyclists, cars and pedestrians avoid each other by inches, and do it almost effortlessly. Their trick is to move slowly.
We passed by many quirky-looking buildings and tall, narrow shophouses. Even though Vietnam is still in its developmental phases, I could sense a quiet artistic beauty in its architecture, that allowed each building to look unique without sticking out like a sore thumb.
The hottest news in Saigon was that the statue of Mary in the Notre Dame Cathedral had wept tears. Apparently a lady having lunch beneath the statue felt droplets falling on her.
This prompted huge crowds to gather around the statue. We swung by to catch a glimpse of it.
We were told that the main religion in Vietnam, Cao Dai, is a mix of other world religions. I’m not quite sure how monotheistic faiths can be incorporated into the mix.
We had dinner at a local Brewery. Even on a week day, it was packed with locals and a few expats – 3 storeys high. Check out the food!