A break from the wine

Margaret River, day four. It was a fine sunny morning and we left to visit Fonti Farm which is a cheese factory. Very lovely cheeses and yoghurt; somehow they taste nicer in Australia than back home.
Me and Vicki
Me and Vicki (left) outside the coffee processor’s.
After that, we had a coffee tasting session. Most unfortunately, as I drove along the highway, keeping to the speed limit, I noticed a big, dead kangaroo lying crumpled on the side of the road. I felt a little ill. On the way back we passed another smaller kangaroo, also dead. I think it was only a baby.
Finally we went spelunking! I mean, cave exploring. In a 1.5 million year old cave. It was quite an eye-opener, but we didn’t dare shout.
And I have to go now.


  1. Kristen

    i think the cheese and yoghurt tastes nicer because it’s freeeeeesh, and not been transported around and subjected to temperature and humidity variations.
    hope you’re having fun! sounds like you are.

  2. Queenie

    AIeeee!!! So my comment about dead kangas was true! Crikey! That is most sad.
    ‘Spelunking’ is such a cool word.I suppose if you lived in a cave, chance of arguing would’nt be so high!
    Saw XMen2 last night — ker-ching! (or whatever noise that’s made when Wolverine’s blades slide out) Phwah.

  3. W

    ker-ching is more like the sound a cash register makes, no? which is equally relevant I guess considering the gazillions of money XMen2 is going to be making.
    good to her you’re alive Van. takie care.

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