Notes from a Larger Island

A quick note to let everyone know I’m still alive and kicking in Manila. The people here have been very kind, and I have done a lot of talking, typing, pointing, clicking. My captive audience has, in return, been nodding their heads, asking questions and going “Ohhh!” gratifyingly, at suitable points in time. My mind is a blank now, but it appears that the presentations I’ve made, have created their intended effect.
Last night, we went to the Tavern and watched Freestyle, a top Filipino band, perform. They do R&B, pop, acid jazz, that sort of thing. Cover versions and songs they’ve written themselves. Frankly if nobody told me who wrote them, I’d easily assume those were international chart-topping hits too. Really smashing. Tonight they’re bringing us to catch another top act, Barbie’s Cradle (no, it’s not a new accessory from Mattel).
Compact discs are generally cheaper in Manila than Singapore. According to a colleague, CDs used to be more expensive, but due to rampant piracy, prices have been forced down. Much as I am an advocate of purchasing original CDs in support of my favourite artistes, I was thinking that if legitimate music CD prices have fallen to about S$15-17 for new titles, it probably means the recording companies could have afforded to sell the discs at lower prices in the first place.
Tomorrow I’ll have a bit more time to go sight-seeing and bargain-hunting. Until then, take care. I’ll write soon.


  1. Queenie

    Hiya babes!
    Have safe trip ok! Was goin to sms/call u but figured u were pretty busy right up to the last minute. Sounds like you are having a great time there. My memories of Manila: 7D packet dried mango, real mangoes (when my bosses returned from Makati trips, we’d always find a real life mango on our desks — special remuneration — & yam ice cream. Come home soon – miss ya!

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