Flickr badge doesn’t validate

I tried to tidy up my Flickr badge but realised that the default script tags that we’re given, actually produces code which doesn’t validate. A quick Google search indicates that other web-standards aware users are facing similar issues.
I did all I could – added the ‘amp;’s to the ‘&’s and stripped out all the extra code they added on to it. I even accepted the fact that a table had to be used – though some of us know very well that we could control the layout more easily using styles. As of this time of writing, I’ve trimmed it down to 2 validation errors.
When there’s more time, I might actually get my hands dirty with Flickr API, or modify a script someone’s written. I see a small industry in Flickr API mods coming up. Take a look at what’s listed on SourceForge already.


  1. chris

    The *old* badge validates just fine. I’m not sure how long they’re going to continue supporting it though.
    Add the following ‘src’ to a javascript container:
    From memory it outputs into a div class .flickrimg, then each image has it’s own class being flickrimg1, flickrimg2 etc. You can easily change any of the URL’s attibutes to change number of images etc too.

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