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I’ve never been tagged before, and am rather late in responding to Monoceros’ request. But here goes:

List three random facts about yourself that your friends might not know. And then tag five other friends to do it.

  1. When I was young, I used to play with the garden hose. One day I decided to spray the fence. I kept at it, even though there was an old man standing behind the fence who was ducking from my spurts in vain. My grandmother apologised on my behalf. Fortunately they both found it rather funny. (Also, I was cute then, so easily forgiven)
  2. When I was slightly older, I used to pretend to feel nauseous, just so that I had an excuse to drink a tablespoon (actually, closer to half a cup) of gripe water. At the time, gripe water did contain alcohol but I had no idea what was inside that tasted so good – I just wanted more!
  3. This one is a little more embarassing. I used to be utterly fascinated with the story, The Three Musketeers (and the same-titled movie as well as its sequel, ‘The Four Muskeeteers’). So I lined up all my younger cousins and gave code-named them after Musketeers. They also had to follow my marching orders, or face confinement in a play-pen.

I don’t believe in forwarding chain letters, and neither do I wish to tag anyone. Instead, whoever’s interested in continuing this tag, just give me a trackback. Cheers.


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