The new Apple mouse

So Apple’s finally launched their latest mouse. I’ve always liked the design of Apple mice (since the transparent look went into fashion). However I’ve never found them particularly practical, especially after being used to the multi-function capabilities of their Microsoft and Logitech counterparts.
Instead of right-clicking on a typical PC mouse to view Properties, for instance, you either had to click and hold on an icon, or press CTRL while clicking on the icon. A slight inconvenience.
But perhaps this may change. A 360 degree scroller is an awesome idea, especially for people editing large images, close-up. And somehow Apple have managed to keep the clean, neat look. No need for ugly lines dividing the left and right buttons – the mouse will detect it.
The only thing is, if I ever use it, I would expect the side buttons to take me back and forward in a browser or Finder window (that’s Explorer to Windows users).
[BTW, I wonder if the cartoon character Mighty Mouse will have anything to say about Apple’s latest product. ]
Update: Russell Beattie reviews his new Apple mouse. Photos included. He says, ‘When using Firefox, moving the scroll ball left and right is the equivalent to going back and forward. This is a neat feature, but the ball can be touchy, so I may end up turning this off.’


  1. Fatty

    Apple would appear to have the cartoon character covered: there’s a note at the bottom of the Mighty Mouse page on their site which notes Mighty Mouse ¬© Viacom International Inc. All Rights Reserved

  2. vantan

    Ah, you got me, Fatty! I missed the message at the bottom of the page.
    starvingartist – I was wondering about that … Maybe Apple figured that it’s easier to squeeze the whole mouse, than to press a button on one side.

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