It’s oh so quiet…

I will be very quiet for the next few weeks. Shh!
Because I’ve been hit with Euro fever! Not the Parliamentary elections. Not currency trading. And most certainly not Eurotrash. I’m talking about football, baby.
Check out this really cool 3D match replay from the BBC. Shockwave required. However, be warned. It caused Firefox to crash. I had to view it in Internet Explorer (sob).
My favourite teams? I shall be predictably mainstream (but honest) and say this time it’s France (since Turkey didn’t qualify). However I suspect the French to draw with England in a few hours’ time because both teams are very evenly matched. My next favourite team is Italy. But football being football, you can expect to be surprised by a dark horse…
Portugal were disappointingly mediocre. If Cristiano Ronaldo hadn’t joined in, the scoreline would’ve been 0-1 not 1-2. Prior to the competition, I had honestly never heard of any of the Greek players but they did an amazing job defending their goal. If they keep at it, I will not be surprised to see Greece make it to the second round, together with Spain.
For fellow sleep-deprived Singaporeans, here’s the full programme schedule.
Nap time!!!


  1. Bunny

    Zidane played so well Van Tan!!
    Thought England was going to win.. can you believe it? 90 mins into the game and they (France) scored 2 goals…
    you must be delighted…:)

  2. tiggie

    England lost in the last minutes to their arch rivals… the French! the dinner party at my colleague’s together with the casual bets they placed made it a rather comical event…

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