You’ll Never Walk Alone

Wow, Liverpool really did it. Now they just have to do it again.
AC Milan or PS Eindhoven? I bet most people are expecting Milan to follow through with their 2-goal lead.
Chelsea, from what I read of the player reviews, was behaving like they had a celebration hangover after winning the Premier League title. From the TV replays it looks like the ball did cross the line, albeit a couple feet up in the air. Anyway, if Chelsea really were the better team in that game, they would have scored the equaliser and perhaps a winner as well, no?
Don’t get me wrong. I’m neither a Chelsea or Liverpool supporter although I respect both clubs. In fact I was hoping Chelsea would clinch the Champions League title as well, because I’m curious to see how big Jose Mourinho’s head can get, and how the Blues will react in future seasons after realising that they can’t always win 3 titles every year (look at Man U now).
For Italian teams, I like the flair of Juve players, and when I was younger, I was far more familiar with the Inter Milan players. However AC Milan has some household names as well.
South Korea will doubtlessly be hoping for a PSV shock win, preferably with Korean players involved in the goal-making. Guus Hiddink still has his fans, I’m sure.
It will be boring if AC Milan win the Champions League as they’ve won it recently. It will be a dream if Liverpool win it this year, but a crying shame if they don’t qualify next year. Years, decades from now, films or documentaries will be made about the title they could not defend.
Of course, I really want Arsenal to win the FA Cup. So that when it comes to the tally, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool will all be cup-winners except U-know-who. Am I evil? Have I pissed off a lot of readers (particularly Singaporean ones)? Mwahahahar.


  1. Stuart

    Lucky, lucky, lucky AC Milan….
    Actually, Liverpool weren’t much Kop (hur hur 🙂 but Chelsea used the wrong tactics: pumping the ball forward instead of switching the ball from wing to wing in order to open up the Reds’ mass defence…
    It WILL be a shame if Liverpool are unable to defend the European Cup (as we used to call it!) if they win it, but them’s the rules (and hopefully, the English FA won’t do to Everton what the Spanish FA did a few years ago to their 4th-placed side in nominating the 5th-placed Real Madrid)
    Nice site, by the way (as all those typical blog spammers always say) – but where are all the nude Canadians?!?!?! ;o)

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