England ranking slumps

Remember that old joke about the world going topsy-turvy? When the best golfer in the world was black (Tiger Woods). When the best rapper in the world was white (Eminem). When the best female tennis players in the world, were black (Williams sisters).
Well, the football world is definitely upside down because the USA is now four whopping places ahead of England in the rankings. The US dropped from 6th place to 7th, but England dropped from 7th to 11th after their dismal showing against Northern Ireland. The Transatlantic gap is widening, so to speak.
Considering that England have at least in recent times won at rugby and now in cricket, you’d think they’d try to do something about their tennis and football. It seems you can still beat the English at their own games – at least, some of the time.


  1. amber

    Come on England! Pull up your socks. You have the talent to be among the best. Just give your best shot and you will be right there on top real soon. Ya the world is changing but soemthings must remain the same…so hurry up England

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