Other updates

To make up for not posting in the last week (some Daily Weblog this is, eh), here are a couple of other updates:
My back. I saw a company doctor last week, who diagnosed me in about half a minute as having ‘muscular spasms’ in my back. I am quite certain the muscle aches are actually a reaction to the real source of pain, which is still coming from a particular part of my SPINE.
Anyway, as muscular spasms sound less fatal than spinal tumours or slipped discs, I was happy to accept her speedy prognosis and take the prescribed painkillers-cum-muscle relaxants, even though they make me drowsy. I was also given some gel to rub on my back, to relax the muscles. If the pain persists after my course is completed, I will go and see another doctor.

The 02 Mini.
It’s doing fine, although there were some initial problems with memory allocation. I set the camera, Office Documents and other programs to save files into my storage card and not into the device itself, which has limited memory.
Christian geeks may be interested to note that I installed Pocket e-Sword, a free Bible program for Pocket PC which has been working very well. The only problem is that it doesn’t have the NIV version, but I’m fine with KJV and lots of interesting commentaries and bible dictionaries that you can install separately.
I’m not going to tinker around with the 02 Mini anymore – it gets the job done, and shouldn’t be an end in itself. It’s there to get myself organised, it’s there so I have a quick reference when studying God’s Word, and that’s that.