iChat and an iPod sale

I just set up iChat(AIM) our iMac to connect with AIM on a laptop PC (my sister’s). At first we had some trouble viewing video on the iMac, but it turned out to be a configuration oversight on the PC.
In the meantime I had done some Googling and even though this comprehensive article didn’t help me in the end, I thought it would still be useful to would-be iChatters.
In other news, I went to a members-only iPod sale at an Apple Centre, but a S$40 discount off a S$788 iPod Photo 60GB wasn’t tempting enough. Especially now that VanPod has been most responsive ever since the firmware update. The only problem is its 1 hour stamina, which could be resolved by getting a car charger, or replacing the battery – both much cheaper options than an iPod upgrade.