Happiness is a geek with gadgets

In the middle of class today (yes, I had full day class on a Sunday), I took out my MacBook Pro. Soon after that, a Taiwanese classmate sitting at my table extended her hand and shook mine, enthusiastically. She thanked me for supporting Taiwanese components as I had so many gadgets (I had an iPhone and a camera beside me). She also told me that she had been responsible for this particular screen component in my MacBook Pro.
I told her that I bought this particular MacBook Pro for its screen. I had in fact requested for the glossy screen model but the Apple Store had given me the matte one by mistake, and I had [gone back just to return it for the glossy one](http://vantan.org/archives/2008/03/returning_my_ma.php).
Later I showed her this photo, just to give her an idea of how much I supported the industry over the years:
I love making people happy.
In any case, R made me happy too. Another classmate thought my screen was dirty. That’s because I put a rubber protector over my keyboard and whenever I closed the MacBook Pro, it would smear my glossy screen. I gave up rubbing away the smear marks because the next time I closed the MacBook Pro, the screen would be blurred up again. However, since someone noticed my smudgy screen, I decided to give it a wipe tonight. But the screen cloths I bought previously were not very effective and I would spend a lot of energy and time rubbing the rubber marks away.
Then I met R for dinner and he gave me a gift. A ducky that wipes screens. See exhibit below. I’m now looking into a super shiny, glossy and very clean screen as I’m typing this post.
Ducky in action
R makes me happy 🙂