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Loosely following the practices of Kottke.org, I shall follow up on previous blog posts with updates and amendments.
I take back everything I said about how cool the Belkin Cassette Adapter is. Of course, most of these CNet reviews came in a while after I had purchased them. But they confirmed my suspicions that, perhaps, I was not the only one suffering from ‘rattle and spit’. I hear Griffin has a better model, anyone tried it before?
The iMac is doing very well. And so is the PowerMac G5. Its dual processors process music files rapidly.
MT-Blacklist is doing fine, though I was hit by another load of comment and trackback spam, and a few genuine commentors were locked out. Sorry about that, your words have now been posted.
I face the same religious and societal dilemma every Chinese New Year. It’s happening again this morning…


  1. Aaron Brazell

    As an American Christian, I am only vaguely aware of what kind of cultural dilemnas you must face. I imagine it places you in a very difficult position when it comes to choosing between faith and family.

  2. James

    As a Christian with Chinese hertiage, I can understand the internal conflicts during the Ching Ming (sometime in March) and 9th day of the 9th month in the Chinese calendar. Those are good traditions to respect. I do mean paying respect, NOT worship. Those days remind us not to forget our pass and our root. I would not burn the banknote from the bank of hell because of envirnmental reasons. Smell of incense gives me breathing problems.
    I have been living in Canada for nearly 25 years. I am glad that I do not hae to do that twice a year. I am also glad that my father received Chirst before he passed away. The North Americans have their own rites too. They are performed in the church and not that different from the Taoists or the Buddhists. Some light candles, lots of them. Some fundamentalist churches in North America would not allow cremation. They claim that the body has to be buried in order to be Biblical. (Try this teaching in the land scarce Singapore or Hong Kong)Just remember, these are cultural issues, not faith issues.

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