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Firefox 1.0 launched

Firefox 1.0 is out. Go get it. Actually, as expected, the Mozilla server’s getting overloaded with requests (read Netcraft report). That’s a happy sort of problem.

Searching for a new smart phone

My Nokia 6600 has become increasingly slower in opening programs (even if other programs are not running in the background), and very occasionally, it hangs on me. However it syncs well on my Mac using iSync, which is the main reason keeping me from upgrading my handset at the moment. I’m now looking for a phone with even more PDA features such as displaying Office and PDF documents.
I probably have to buy third-party software should I switch to an 02 XDA or a Linux-powered Motorola smart phone. I was impressed with the responsiveness of the A768i, although it wasn’t too pretty. Also its camera is not as high-res as my Nokia’s, which still beats many newer handsets, hands down. However I am interested in the forthcoming Motorola A780, which looks good and has the keypad, which is reassuring – just in case something happens to the touch screen. It is quad-band, also runs on Linux, comes with Opera 7 and plays AAC files.
[Update: Overview of Linux smart devices. Hopefully more to come.]