Blogging live at the HP launch

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Great fanfare as HP heralds its achievements in an opening movie (will post clips later).
Eric Cador (HP Europe) is giving the opening address, on the importance of touch. We still don’t know what the new products are, but it’s definitely got to do with touch. Any guesses?
Berlin news presenter on stage, saying that HP and Berlin have a lot in common, both having significant growth in the past few years.
He says “Definitely by far, it is the biggest and most innovative” thing they have done, with a “unique personality, unique spirit”.
HP Executive Vice President Todd Bradley emphasises how big HP is now. HP spends US$3.5 billion on R&D, more than any other competitor. They are enjoying significant growth in China and Southeast Asia, among other places.
Bradley says the youth market is important to HP, mentioning Jay-Z and Serena Williams (not sure – were they brand ambassadors? cos I haven’t heard of them endorsing HP products). He says he wants to connect the world.
Finally – new HP products!
HP Pavilion notebooks – I see 13 or 14 notebooks on stage. Talking about the new metallic finishing on a notebook. Widescreen display. If you drop a notebook it will automatically save and shut down the hard disk. Useful, but other brands have done it already.
The Elitebook seems promising for business – it also has an unscratchable exterior (anyone want to give it a scratch?), biometric fingerprint reader and GSM/CDMA connectivity for Europe and USA respectively.
ENVY133 is HP’s new kickass gaming notebook. Only 0.7 inches thin with an even slimmer removable battery that looks just like a thick plastic sheet!! 13″ screen (I think). As it is so slim, the ethernet connectivity has been added to the power adapter instead. (Will confirm these facts later, am typing/photographing/videoing/Twittering all at once!)
It has an ambient light sensor and they’ve done a one-up on Apple for this. When you move your hands AWAY from the screen, the backlit keyboard will dim. When you move your hands back, the keyboard will light up again. Fwah!!
The Envy doesn’t have tapered edges like the MacBook Air but it is so slim, black and shiny that we’re all staring at it. The global news media is taking lots of photos, lights flashing everywhere.
Looks like HP is aiming at Apple (MacBook Air) for looks and Dell (Alienware) for power at the same time with this baby. It is SOOO beautiful and only costs US$2099 – a fair price for a superslim notebook. I actually want one.
HP Dreamcolor is a new monitor aimed at Hollywood Studios. Apparently Shrek and Kung-fu Panda were made with HP products. (But aren’t the processing systems still dominated by Apple?)