Who are they?

Can you make a guess?

I have spent the past few months immersing myself in the following themes of the moment: loving brother-sister incest, the second world war, female teachers having sex with male pupils, staying with the man who makes you happy rather than promises hot sex, people “as old as the century”, male narrators, armageddon and people who change their lives completely before ending up exactly where they started.

Essential reading? Obviously, um, uh, I mean, if you—I don’t know if you’re picking ten books or five books or whatever, but I happen to believe—a lot of people don’t—you ought to read the Bible. People might pick up the Koran or the Torah or whatever, obviously, depending on your religion, but I think a religious foundation—I personally think—is important, whether it’s Confucianism or Hinduism or whatever it is.

Bush should have died, not Reagan.

Read on for the answers.

The Answers

  1. Katharine Viner, Guardian Weekend editor and one of the 5 judges for the Orange Prize.
  2. US Democratic presidential candidate, John Kerry. Quotes compiled by Slate. Bet you thought that was Dubya! (I’m getting pretty worried now, actually)
  3. Rock singer Morrissey, who announced news of former US President Ronald Reagan to fans during a concert.