Mad World

Planes in towers. Bombs in Bali. Sniper(s) in Washington. Gunman in Melbourne. Human bombs in Palestine. War pending against Iraq, and a nuclear weapon pileup. Not to mention the usual famines, natural disasters, global warming and diseases. Is this the Start of the Breakdown?
[Sorry, I couldn’t resist using a couple of TFF song titles, they seemed so pessimistically appropriate right now.]
And now someone’s claimed to possess the remains of James half-brother of Jesus. I’m in a state of want-to-believe-in-the-truth, but-what-exactly-is-the-truth?
In my Istanbul trip I visited a palace which had religious artifacts on display. I saw what they said was the arm of John the Baptist, encased in steel armour, with a slit in the metal, exposing the bones betwen his wrist and knuckles. Apparently, they dug his body up from Ephesus! In another room, I saw the supposed staff of Moses, a simple, weathered, curved rod, that was carbon-dated to his time – as well as the beard, tooth, sandals, letters of their prophet Muhammed!
In short, I’m getting miracle overload this year and I don’t know what to believe. To me, they may serve as proof that something really did happen thousands of years ago. But I don’t think these items should be worshipped, they are tools of the past.
Anyway if anyone has information or insight on all these happenings, please post a comment. No religious flame wars, please!


  1. Chris

    Well, since you asked.
    Apparently there are over 167 (I’m still checking them out) converging clues and signs pointing to the return of Jesus Christ.
    The eight big ones are:
    1. Famines, violence and wars.
    Read Matthew 24:6-8
    2. Formation and re-birth of the nation of Israel. This is fascinating.
    Prophesied in Ezekiel 36:25-27.
    3. Plummeting morality.
    Read 2 Timothy 3:1-4
    4. Increase in earthquakes
    Read Matthew 24:7
    5.Explosion of cults and the occult. Counterfeit spirituality, false teachers, etc.
    Read 1 Timothy 4:1
    6. The New World order. The revived Roman Empire. Also very fascinating.
    Read Daniel 7-12, Matthew 24:15, Revelation 13.
    7. Increase in both apostasy and faith. Revival on one hand and denial on the other (replacing eternal truths of Scripture with politically correct values).
    Read 2 Timothy 3-5
    8. Travel and education be vastly increased.
    Read Daniel 12:4
    Now, when they want to stamp or implant your own personal ip address on your forehead or wrist….
    Thats the Great Tribulation period which you dont want to be in. Get right with God and be raptured first. Otherwise you will be doomed eternally if you accept the mark of the beast, or get beheaded if you dont.
    Just da facts, ma’am

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