Paradise Lost

It is a tragedy that people are killed because of decisions their leaders have made – for or against a cause. All these people wanted to have, was a good time away from home.
Then again, that’s the whole point, isn’t it? There’s no use attacking a fortress on watch, when you can shock the world with the horrific deaths of innocent civilians, someplace where you least expect it. It happened in New York, but now it’s happened in a Muslim country, albeit on an island with a predominantly Hindu populace.
And when my family visits Bali, we usually stay at Hard Rock Hotel, which was just several blocks away from one of the explosions. One of my colleagues returned from her honeymoon there last week, thank heavens.
It’s frightening when you don’t know ‘when’ or ‘where’ the next blow is going to be dealt. But maybe we should look to the root of the problem, and work on the ‘why’.