Albany, day two*

We survived the night in the old motel room, and departed in the late morning for Middleton Beach, which is probably the best place to go in Albany if you’re looking for open skies and a bay that glitters under the sun in a few different shades of blue. It’s really pretty.
[ Photos will be posted soon. ] Beyond these shores is Antartica!
Emu Beach, which we visited after that, was not quite as breathtaking. It was smaller and designed more for kids to play around in, what with the playground and bicycles aplenty.
We decided to drive back to Middleton Beach for lunch at a pub, then popped over to the Sandalwood Farm off the Albany Highway (Down Road).
Finally, in the town centre along York Street, we engaged in the Singapore tradition of … SHOPPING! I finally bought clothes (mainly gymwear) and some fancy footwear at Rivers, an Australian brand specialising in comfort. They have a really well laid-out store at Albany.
We had dinner at the only Japanese restaurant at Emu Beach, and it was pretty good. Considering how the rest of the beach was utterly deserted, it was heartening to see the restaurant almost full, and the Japanese chef and waiters running about serving people.