Democracy is…

Looking at reports on Sonia Gandhi’s victory, a few thoughts came to mind:
India is the world’s largest democracy, with 675 million voters – twice the population of the USA. Yet it managed a 56% turnout.
Needless to say, democracy in India is a huge, messy process. Votes from four seats are being recounted, but so far there’s nothing ‘Floridan’ in nature. Ahem.
Vote counting is made easier by the fact that there are one million electronic voting booths, used for the first time in Indian elections. Some other countries have expressed interest in them:

“We are working on a model for European countries and also for the US,” Mr Simha [a major booth manufacturer] told the BBC News Online.”

Double ahem!
According to reports, the Indian poor had the power to vote out the ruling party which they felt had done little for them. To me, that shows less ‘Big Money’ intervention and special interests lobbying, and more of giving real power to the people.
And isn’t that what democracy is all about?
Good for you, India!
ps. How many women Prime Ministers have India had already, eh?
*fists the air*