shares soar

I've gone IPO, baby
Due to a freak linking incident from Movable Type, my weblog is now valued at $26,412.12!!! This is possibly a once in a lifetime, all-time high.
What probably happened was, just after updating my blog, pinging MT and getting listed on their recently updated blogs list, Blogshares picked up the link. Let’s say it’s the equivalent of getting on Warren Buffet’s ‘buy’ list.
Update: The Daily Weblog is also, for the first (and last?) time in its short lifespan, on the top 100 list.
Number 95!
Update 2: Okay, that was short-lived; I’m now somewhere in the top 500 (#115 at last count), which still isn’t too bad. In the meantime, my share price has shot up in the last few days, from a meagre $1+ to over $70! Those poor souls who’ve bought my shares and are holding onto them … I can’t bear to imagine what will happen when Blogshares re-reviews my site’s incoming links. Will I do a George Soros? *peals of evil laughter*