Danger signs

Within a couple of hours I received two warnings via email so I’ll share the news with everyone.
The first warning (allegedly from the US Embassy) is to stay away from Holland Village today and tomorrow, because something is going to happen REAL soon. Hmm. What about people who are living there?
The second warning is more generic: Don’t leave your mobile phone switched on when it’s raining. A Singaporean was killed when he was struck by lightning via his phone, which got burnt.
Over and out.


  1. Kristen

    yikes. i had a quick look on the us embassy website for any announcements, and there aren’t any. i’m assuming that if the us or singapore govt knew there was a credible threat against holland village, they’d act on it, and fast.

  2. regine

    hello, how are you? you never fail to surprise me by actually remembering my site.
    a third general warning would be, don’t wear underwired bras, because of the two women who were struck by lightning in hyde park a while ago.
    take care..

  3. vantan

    Hmm. My colleague’s aunt, who works at the Singapore American School, called to give her the said warning.
    Fact is, if EVERYBODY deserts Holland Village, then I’m sure the alleged bombing would be postponed as well… Ossy wouldn’t be too happy if only a few people got hurt now, would he?

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