A letter of thanks means so much

It has been a hectic month. You can tell from the number of recent posts (i.e. very few) on this blog.
But today, something happened and it made all the effort worth it.
A few weeks after a ‘project’ was over, I received news that a letter of commendation had been sent, from one overseas Minister, to my Minister, and the names of a colleague and myself were in that letter. I was very touched by the description and choice of words used, and proud to have been able to make a positive impact.
Of course, given the effort we all put in, there are probably many others who received commendations like this as well, but this doesn’t distract away from the little moment of bliss that I had. I was happy to be there to help, and this little gesture of thanks has made me all the more so.
Self-application: Write notes of thanks to people, with specific mention of what they did for you that made them memorable. It doesn’t take up more than a little of your time, but it can make a lasting impact on the junior staff who receive it.