Youth party at the Esplanade

Wanna join in the party? It’s at DXO at the Esplanade this Saturday evening (16 Dec 2006).
YAH is a project I’m supporting. It stands for the Youth Advolution for Health, a peer-led programme. We helped to set up a blog for the youths and are happy to let them run the rest of the show!
We’re celebrating because YAH’s turned one year old… and we want to have fun!
I’ll be at the party so hope to see you there. Because it’s healthy, there won’t be smoking and alcohol … but there will be Mocktails galore. I even thought up one new Mocktail name myself.
Admission is free but you need to register so we know how many people are coming.
There’s also a contest where you can win an iPod nano. Details are on the registration form. Feel free to spread the word, blog about it, email your friends…