It’s all right / It’s OK…

I nearly forgot about the Asia Weblog Awards 2003 largely because it took a while to count the votes and I have a pretty short memory. Well, we didn’t make it to the top 3 best designed weblogs, but then again I didn’t quite put winning in any blog competition on my priority list. Thanks for the nomination and votes. My code stands validated.
Overzealous preoccupation with work has taken a lot of my attention away from this weblog. I mean, I’ve only done like, three possible mockups for the new look, and it is nowhere near completion date. Like I said, I’ll probably wait until MT 3.0 is out before I do anything drastic. Until then, if it ain’t broke, I won’t fix it.


  1. zeeyen

    i had a good laugh when i saw the first 3 places for the best designed blog. dun worry. the whole thing is a fluff. what’s good is good. you know and we know it – and yours definitely ranks there among some of the best designed Asian blog. i for one wouldn’t be comfortable with using a default template and tweak a little colours here and there and be comfortable being even nominated for a best designed blog. no way jose!
    anyway – keep the codes flowing. i certainly enjoy the way you coded your entire site. *wink*

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