Credit card fraud?

I might be a victim of credit card fraud. Looking at my latest online statement, I noticed an unusual entry: Payment of US$13.95 to Blumountain.
First, I thought, hey, I haven’t subscribed to the ecard service for 2 or 3 years – since I received my very first credit card (even then, I don’t think I used this particular card, which I applied for later).
But before I notified my bank I thought I should verify whether I really was still a member. So I tried logging in. Now at, members log in with their email address. I tried every email address I ever had, including now defunct ones, and nothing worked.
Then I noticed that the company name on my itemised statement wasn’t ‘Bluemountain’ with an ‘e’, but simply ‘Blumountain’. The annual subscription fee on the legitimate site, was US$13.95 however. Could it be a variation of the company name?
I visited and was hit by a popup ad and a redirection to an entirely different domain. I started to feel a little worried and notified my bank.
To be continued…


  1. Salvatore Molea, Jr.

    The Very same thing just happened to me. I am going to my bank Monday Morning! I did happen to get an 888 number for
    If anyone should want this number you are welcome to contact me.

  2. Sarah

    Same here and it cost me $20 because it overdrafted my account- got the number… anyone had luck getting reembersed?

  3. Sharon

    My bank reimbursed me and their fraud and protection department contacted me for verification and more information. They say it’s under investigation.

  4. Sharon

    I called and canceled my credit card. I figured if one person had gotton my number there’s no telling how many others did too. I was issued a new card and was reimbursed by my bank. Their fraud and protection department also contacted me for verification and more information. They say it’s under investigation. I can’t imagine how long this has been going on.

  5. vantan

    Wow, there are lots of us around. This is disturbing.
    Bluemountain did write back to me some time ago, telling me that they had deducted the amount from me as a renewed subscription, though I definitely didn’t indicate I wanted to subscribe to their services.
    I decided for US$13.95 it wasn’t worth making lots of international phone calls.
    But if they do it to me again …

  6. Sharon Dalrymple

    A reminder: “” is a valid electronic greeting card company. This is a company or individual that uses a misspelling of it, “Blumountain Ltd” in order to resemble the original company. The only difference is that “Blumountain Ltd” doesn’t sell e-greetings, they just steal your credit card number and take your money. Please notify your bank regarding the fraud. Reimbusement will depend on your bank and its policies, but nevertheless, they should investigate it.

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