Today is my last day at work. I’ve decided to take a break from web design work for a while. So we had a nice company lunch yesterday at a Spanish restaurant. I wanted to share this drawing with you. It is the cover of the envelope of my farewell card. It is our tradition to have an illustration on it, and the colleague who thought up this one was particularly ingenious, since he combined two of the most important things in my life together, the greatest being God, and the second being … well, you just have to continue reading to find out what it is!

Creation - Take 2. That's an old pic of me, BTW.
Geddit? Geddit?? Oh all right, it isn’t the second most important thing to me, but it’s close enough.


  1. Bel

    All the best to you Van!!
    I remember we were talking about the whole job thing when I last met you….hopefully I’ll be in a similar situation soon.

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