Royal China revisited

Yesterday, we had at lunch Royal China, which opened recently at Raffles Hotel in Singapore. Fans of the original restaurant chain in London will be delighted to know that their dim sum is still scrumptious. However, the lobster noodle dish, so heavily promoted here, was nothing special. The quality of lobster was fine, but I didn’t like the noodle ‘smell’. Maybe some prominent food critics will have differing views on this, but I’ve tasted the lobster noodles at Mandarin Kitchen (Queensway, London) and nothing so far compares to it. Of course, since I’m in Singapore now, I’m perfectly happy with the Geylang crab noodles.


  1. stef

    that makes me so hungry just thinking about lobster noodles and crab vermicelli! thanks for jogging my taste buds and memory!

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