Well done, Liverpool!

Congratulations for the amazing comeback. Surely when you were 3 goals down, you’d think there was no more hope. Even Maradona didn’t think so. Then it was time for the other captain to score, and the tables started to turn. Then your goalkeeper did the dance of his predecessor, confounding the penalty takers, and history was made.
I didn’t manage to stay awake at 2am, and when I woke up I told myself to take it easy when I did hear the news on the radio. However I didn’t hear anything about the results on the way to work, but a quick visit to the BBC website showed me that wild dreams do come true.
And this is coming from an Arsenal fan. Congratulations again, Liverpool!
Now the focus will be on whether they will be allowed to defend their title. Emotions aside, surely Everton would feel hard done by if they were bypassed for next year’s Champion’s League.