Goodbye, Argentina

I was sad to see Argentina lose on penalties. They were doing pretty well considering the Germans were on home ground, having lost their first goalkeeper through a potentially damaged spleen.
The turning point of the match was when the Argentinan coach decided to take off playmaker Riquelme and striker Hernan Crespo in favour of a holding midfielder and lesser-known striker. It was a little early to be presumptious and Germany took advantage of the change in strategy.
Even as an Arsenal fan I do not like Jehns Lehmann. However I did feel he would prove slightly superior in penalties, judging from his performances in high-pressure finals like the 2005 FA Cup (which his team won) and the recent Champions League. I was less confident of Michael Ballack, who seemed to have a bad case of cramp.
Touchingly, rival Oliver Kahn went up to Lehmann during the break, and held his hand in encouragement. Team spirit overtook any personal rivalries and Lehmann soon proved his worth by saving two penalties. He dived the right way every time whereas the reserve Argentinan goalkeeper was less telepathic.
So Germany move a step “Klose” to the finals. Will it be a repeat of the last World Cup?
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