Ye gads!
It is 2.30am and I have finally replied to everyone’s emails. It is really like looking at a time capsule. New message alert boxes were popping up as they were being downloaded, mostly spam, some intriguingly in Malay, and one looking like a genuine domain name mixup. It was a massive spring cleaning.
Anyway, right after work on Thursday I dashed off to IT class, then zipped off to meet my Bible Studies home group for a wine and cheese party – to celebrate the completion of our studies on John.
I haven’t had time to surf the web for 2 days … I don’t know the latest trends (but I do know they caught that Blaster guy). I don’t even know the latest US Open tennis scores [Update: right, I didn’t know it was still raining.]. Sob. Outside of church activities, I have no life…


  1. Stephanie

    I’m considering moving to Movable Type for my weblog (been with Blogspot for almost a year now).
    But I’ve heard that MT causes security issues in the server that may put other users of the server at a higher risk of being hacked.
    I’m concerned abt this so i’m wondering if you’ve heard anything like this.
    I’ve signed up for the MT meet this Monday. Hope to see you (or get an email sooner) I’m totally clueless (and a little nervous) abt MT.

  2. vantan

    Unfortunately, a meeting I was supposed to have several Mondays ago, got pushed back week after week, and now I am unable to go for this MT meetup. Unless we can all meet on another day. This Meetup system isn’t very flexible.
    Stephanie – haven’t heard of the security issues but I’m studying Networking now and I think almost every system is capable of being hacked at some point. Naturally with each new version of any software we expect bug fixes to be made.

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