Vacation plans

In several hours I’ll be on a cruise to Penang and back. I will be back before Christmas, but my schedule is filling up. After Christmas I will be playing golf in Vietnam. Next week:
– I will be back at HPB for a department party and to catch up with everyone
– I am resuming Bible Studies with my new cell group 🙂
– There will be a Xmas party at my place (family/clan only)
Geek-wise, these are what I’m planning to do:
– Play with my newly-acquired Bible software for in-depth study
– Complete production of the INSEAD Dash video
– Produce new songs in my studio (finally got my keyboards and sound system working again)
– Upgrade the RAM in my Macs
– Trying out new games on my iPhone
– Starting development work on my iPhone app idea; testing it out with the target audience
Comments in my blog have somehow screwed up, which is interesting because I haven’t done anything to it (like, I don’t even have the time to mess it up?). My web server has been acting up a few times each month and spam attacks are bloating my database size.
So if there’s something important you can still [send me a message separately]( But I may not reply until after my holiday. Enjoy yourselves in the meantime!