Bomb found at Holland Village (?)

… so says my friend’s friend’s dad, who was at Holland Village when he saw the place swarming with police cars. More details to follow as I interrogate him and trawl the local news websites.
Also, my colleague’s sister, who works with the police, has confirmed that a bomb has been found. The other colleague who sent us this warning days ago, should be completely vindicated as it has proven to be more than a ‘red herring’. (Thank you, Alison.)
And yet we have shopkeepers in Holland Village complaining about how the loss of car park lots has caused their takings to decline. Oh, what a small price to pay in return for saving their shops … and their lives.
Here’s some backdated news on how security has been stepped up, as of this week.
The American Embassy in Singapore is closed today for Thanksgiving. I guess today would have been a good day to strike terror in the hearts of many, wouldn’t it? 🙁


  1. Kristen

    shit man! well, i suppose i’d rather hear about a bomb being found and diffused than a bomb going off in holland v., but still….
    no news of this on the major news sites. i wonder if the police and govt are going to keep a lid on this for a while before they release the story?
    quite glad to hear there is no parking along the road in holland v. – better safe than sorry.

  2. vantan

    OK. I’ve been getting conflicting reports: One reported eyewitness account, one very brief confirmation from someone working at a police station, and one outright denial from an SPH journalist (who calls it a hoax). We shall soon find out.
    Can’t find the news on any websites either. Contributions welcome!

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