No War wallpaper

My precious little wallpaper
Remember that No War wallpaper I designed last year?
It was featured at Italian website Digital Ultras, then it got taken down. I drew the picture of Bush myself, but used a corner of a map of Iraq which was taken from an academic site. I gave them due attribution when I made my submission. However I just HAD to add that I noticed another designer had submitted the entire map, untouched, save for his URL which he added on one side of the graphic, as his own work. Strangely they reacted by keeping his wallpaper / stolen map on display while they took down mine.
Unfair brutes. Maybe it was because he was Italian, too.
Anyway, apart from the fact that my name still resides in the middle black column of this site, that wallpaper of mine has laid low until someone from Austria wrote in yesterday to ask for it. So here it is folks – in its full (and former) glory, all 195 KB of it.


  1. Jia

    You drew that? Wooo I’m really impressed. Looks really good. But then again, I remember you were always good at drawing men. 🙂 But am curious, what programme did you use to draw? Illustrator?

  2. vantan

    Aww thanks! Would you believe I drew it in Flash?
    It is much easier for manipulating simple line art – especially with the bezier curves tool (Flash 5 and MX).

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