Meeting Crayon

Avid followers of Second Life news would have heard of Crayon, the first new media marketing agency to be established in this virtual world. Well, since I couldn’t break into IBM land (see previous post), I decided to try my luck with an agency that welcomed visitors.
Outside the Crayon office Here’s a shot of Crayon from the outside.
I touched the Crayon box at the door, and collected freebies. I wore the Crayon T-shirt and drank the Coke. Hey, it’s only virtual calories.
Whoops! There's a Crayon meeting Inside, I met another new Second Lifer who was looking for a Crayon employee. I gave him some tips on searching for people in Second Life. Then I teleported myself to the 2nd floor, and accidentally walked into a Crayon board meeting!
However the guys were nice and told me I could explore the place and ask them any questions. Now that’s good PR. See, I’m blogging about them now.
One of them, Cleon Goff (CC Chapman in real life) offered Friendship. Yay!
Playing the drums I flew to the rooftop, picked up free drinks, posed with Fender guitars and played the drums. I flew the the ampitheatre, ate popcorn while watching a (blank) movie in the theatre, made another Friend and logged off.
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