Whenever, whatever, however you like

Until I read Kristen’s blog today, I didn’t know that the Bloggies (equivalent of the Oscars for weblogging) had become so controversial.
Frankly, until I started blogging half a year ago, I hadn’t heard of the Bloggies at all – just the Webbys. And I’ve stopped keeping track of the winners. I don’t care if you’ve won an award or not; it won’t affect my surfing habits as long as I like what I see.
I started blogging for fun – more than for anything else – and I’m very happy to let it stay that way. Awards may be nice to have, but they’re not essential. Instead I appreciate the new acquaintances I’ve made on my weblog, and the friends who bother to visit and post comments. Particularly, when old friends whom I never expected to hear from again, send me a message – well that’s better than winning an award.
(I admit I probably wouldn’t have said this a few years ago. Let’s blame it on nostalgia and age.)
So… I don’t use webrings and I don’t believe in linking back to someone unless I truly like what I see. Neither do I expect people I link to, to link back to me unless they find it appropriate to do so.
I’m antisocial, grr, and proud of it! >:o)